Dissolving Localities web interface:


The interface currently works only on GOOGLE CHROME, thank you for your understanding.

At Fresh Paint 5 Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel within the framework of the Google Digital Art project.
Address: The New High School,  3, Shoshana Persits Street, Tel Aviv

Opening hours
Tuesday, May 15  5:00PM-10PM [From 8:00pm- Artists Party!]
Wednesday, May 16  5:00PM-10PM
Thursday, May 17  5:00PM-10PM
Friday, May 18      10:00AM-6:00PM
Saturday, May 19 10:00PM-9:00PM


An Audio Visual project in which daily life is transformed into art.

In its web format the project affords an open framework capable of combining any city and any culture at any time. While in its two other formats (live performance and installation) the project bases itself on audio and video artists using daily life as source, the web format replaces the video artist with the a user using Google Street View.

Thus Google Street View becomes a platform for artistic expression accompanied by the sounds of the environment through which the user moves.

Currently the project focuses on Jerusalem while in the future I plan to begin integrating other cities and cultures from all over the world.

The project is a platform for intercultural and multicultural dialogue using real life as artistic inspiration and instrument. 

In its web format the project dissolves not only place, time and context but also the distinction between the "artist" and the "user" or "public". Any one can upload their recordings of their or any environments and remix them.
Audio/Video, concept and development: Emmanuel Witzthum

Charactarization and development
Michael Sverdlin and Shai Yerushalmi

Video consulting and technical support
Arik Futterman

Thanks to
Google Israel
Fresh Paint 5
The Gesher MultiCultural film Fund